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More than a map


Pin your adventures and dream destinations

Bucket list trip overseas? Visiting a longtime friend? Count your steps around the world.


Add photos to make your
memories last forever

And smile every time while walking past it.


Give your room a
talking point

Let the map do the storytelling for you!




Pins mark much more than just visited places. Every pin preserves your thoughts, laughter, and adventures. Make your map talk by adding your name, inspiring travel quote, or creating a map legend on it.

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What’s inside?

Yes, online purchases can be scary. We want to make sure that receiving our map feels like a gift from you to yourself. Take a peek at what is hiding inside the magic box.

All maps are safely packed for international delivery. More information here.

Behind the
production scenes

Let’s go through the map making journey together.

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The first step is to carefully select our canvas to make a long-lasting product.

We use poly-cotton 390 g/m2 premium quality canvas, designed to make art reproductions and other types of print that require an impeccable look. It is distinctive with its durability and resistance to ink “fractures”.

When the canvas is set on an underframe, the ink will not crack, and the colors will look great from any angle. Furthermore, our canvas does not turn yellow with time passing. We are confident that the original look of the product will remain unchanged from very first to your 100th travel.



When it comes to printing, ink and printer play a huge role in our map making journey.

We use the CANON PRO-4000 printer, one of the latest in the market. It is designed to produce the highest-quality print on canvas and art reproductions. The official Canon ink – LUCIA PRO is working in combination with the newest printer.

LUCIA PRO is a professional water-based 12-color ink system and is made in Japan. This ink guarantees the best expression of deep, vivid, and perfectly contrasting colors. By using professional ink, we ensure that even the tiniest details will look sharp and colors will pop no matter the lightning in the room. That is why we recommend to carefully select your map color, because it is not going anywhere even after decades.

It is important that our materials would be safe for the environment. We purchase our ink only from the official Canon representatives to ensure that.



Besides love, our other secret map ingredient is a special protective coating for print.

The protective layer not only adds water resistance, but also gives a soft glow to emphasize the elegant texture of our products. We know that maps are often touched, pinned, and being closely examined. Thanks to this layer, you can clean the surface both with dry or wet cloth and leave no trace behind.

We chose a satin varnish made in Texas, USA which prolongs the shelf life to 100+ years. Yes, our maps can be a generational treasure in your family, if you wish! Also, varnish protects the design from being affected by sunlight. This layer is water-based and is completely safe and odor-free.



Glued wood is used so that the underframe wouldn’t lose its shape and would remain straight with time passing.

For our maps, we use glued pinewood underframes made in Lithuania. They are distinctive with their sturdiness and lightweight – so the final product can be hung on any wall. For small-format maps, we choose underframes that are 2 cm thick and 2.5 cm thick for the largest format.


Hooks, book cardboard, and foam panel

3 pieces more and our map is done!

To finish up the map, in the upper left and right corners, we screw-in metal sawtooth hanger hooks. Hung on the corners, the map will always remain straight and stable and will not move from the wind, accidentally touched, or when pinning.

The panel is firmly set inside the underframe, creating a sturdy background for pinning. The foam panel allows the map to hold not only pins but also pictures, tickets, and other travel accessories. It is resistant to humidity – so it won’t become wavy and will not lose its shape.

The back of the map is covered with cardboard. For the cover, we use a book-cardboard because it doesn’t have acid in its composition. It prevents any unwanted reactions that might happen when the cardboard touches your wall paint, wallpaper, or any other wall cover.



And the cherry on top – with every map purchase, you get 100 pins.

There is math behind our pins, too. Our pins are 1 cm length with a 3 mm diameter rounded head. This size lets you pin several pins close to each other, for example, in smaller Europe or USA maps where the cities are close by.

The pins are packed in low cylindrical boxes with caps, so you can safely keep the pins which are waiting for their turn to shine.

We offer 16 different colors of pins, which allows you to create your own style and unique color compositions.