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Eze Village – Places to Visit and How to Get There from Nice

Eze is an old and romantic village located on a hill just around 12 kilometers from Nice. It is fully adjusted for the touristic purposes, and I’m not even sure if there are any locals living in the old city itself. Eze is full of narrow alleys, stone houses, and from the top of the town, there’s a spectacular view onto the Mediterranean Sea.

Author: Marta Č.

A Trip to Zakopane: Hiking to the Giewont peak (III)

The last day in Zakopane gifted us with sun and amazing weather. I was particularly happy that on such a nice day we decided to climb the Giewont peak (1896 m). There were only a few clouds in the sky, so we could clearly see the mountains and the landscape. Every 10-15 minutes we felt like stopping and enjoying the scener

Author: Marta Č.

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