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How to Reach Eze from Nice and How to Go Back? Buses to and from Eze

As we were staying in Nice, we reached Eze by local bus no. 82. It runs from the center of Nice to the beginning of the Eze old town, and the journey takes around 30 minutes. Taking the bus, you can admire some beautiful views through the window. It‘s worth sitting on the left side of the bus (on the opposite side of the driver). You can purchase the ticket on board for 1,5 Eur.

Eze can be reached by other buses as well, though it is important to note that some of them run towards Eze Beach and not Eze Village. You can definitely take the bus to Eze Beach, but the town itself is located on quite a steep hill – it would take you about an hour to climb it. I recommend first going to Oldtown and then taking a walk down the hill toward the beach. It’s both easier and faster.

After visiting the town and going down to the beach, you can take a train or bus 100 back to Nice.

Eze Village 82 bus

Eze Village bridge near nica

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Eze Oldtown

It’s fun to just wander around the narrow streets of Eze, and admire the views onto the Mediterranean sea. It makes you wonder how in the old times they used to be able to build cities in such high places. The town itself has lots of cafes and restaurants. You can easily find a beautiful spot and admire the gorgeous landscape.

Eze Village old town near nica

The Exotic Garden

On the very top of Eze, there’s a garden with various exotic plants (Jardin Exotique), that was founded after World War II. It’s a true paradise for cacti and succulents’ lovers. The entrance costs 6 Eur per person.

In the garden, you can find lots of different species of cacti and exotic plants, and there’s also a great view of Eze and the sea. In the park, there are a few benches to sit down and rest. The plant collection includes species from the Mediterranean region, Africa, and America.

Eze Village exotic garden places to visit

Eze Village exotic garden places to see near nica

Nietzsche Path

Just nearby the entrance to Eze oldtown, there’s a sign pointing towards Nietzsche Path. It’s a path that leads down to the Eze beach, and it takes around 45 minutes to complete it.

You don’t need to take this path if you only wish to visit the Oldtown. But if you want to have a walk and unwind at the beach – I really recommend taking it. The path is not too steep but quite rocky, so regular walking shoes would be a better option than some nice sandals or flip-flops. Going down you can admire the views of the nearby cliffs and the sea. Once you go down, you’ll see a railway, and on the other side, there’s the sea.

eze village Nietzsche Path trail

eze village Nietzsche Path view to sea

eze village Nietzsche Path places to see

eze village Nietzsche Path hike to beach

Eze Beach

The coast here is rocky, just like in Nice, however, there are fewer people than in the big city. After going down, you can have a swim or just relax, and later take a train or a bus back to Nice.

eze village beach and train back to nice

If you decide to take a train – it runs from the platform closer to the sea.

Eze town nearby Nice is a great destination for a short day trip, with lots of spectacular views to remember.

Have you ever been to Eze? Do you have any additional recommendations? Please share in the comments below.

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