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By choosing a high-quality push-pin travel map from Trip Map, you will be able to mark the places you have visited around the world, as well as decorate your interior with a beautiful piece of wall art that tells your personal story.

In the Trip Map e-shop, you’ll find a wide selection of world maps to mark your travels. If you’re more of a local traveler, check out one of our Europe Maps, UK & Ireland Maps, USA Maps, or Germany Maps.


Why a world map from Trip Map is best to mark your travels

There are many travel maps in the market to choose from. However, if you’re looking for the best world map to mark the places you’ve visited, Trip Map products will not leave you disappointed. Here are the main reasons why our maps stand out in the competition.


1. A great variety of beautiful designs

In Trip Map, there’s a map for everyone. We offer three different map sizes: medium (100×70 cm / 39,3×27,5 in), large (120×80 cm / 47,2×31,5 in), and extra-large (150×100 cm / 59×39,3 in), as well as many different colors and exclusive original designs.

In the Trip Map e-shop, you can easily find a world map to mark your travels that fits your home, taste, and personality.

best world map pin board with pins

Push Pin World Map – Grey and Cream

2. A wide selection of pins

With just a push of a pin, you can track all of the places you’ve been to, mark your bucket list destinations, and plan family road trips. One hundred pins are already included in your order (of course, you can always add extra), and you can choose out of 16 different colors. Use pins to not only mark travels on your world map, but also to attach photos, postcards, souvenirs, and other travel memorabilia.

best world map to pin places you have been

3. The maps are very practical

A world map with pins to mark travels can be used in many different ways:

  • You can pin the places you’ve visited as a solo traveler, together with your partner, or the whole family;
  • you can track your work trips or the expansion of your business;
  • you can visualize your travel goals and plans;
  • you can use the map to learn geography;
  • or you can pin travel photos onto the map and turn it into a beautiful photo gallery.

best world map with pins to mark visited countries

Push Pin World Map – Safari

4. Highly-detailed maps of superb quality

By choosing a world map to mark your travels from Trip Map, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best quality product. All of our push-pin maps on canvas are exceptionally detailed, so you can easily spot all of the world countries as well as 2500 cities and towns around the world.

best detailed push pin world map

Push Pin World Map – Grey

Personalized world map with pins to mark travels

Every travel map purchased from Trip Map can be customized by adding your favorite inspiring quote, the names of the travelers, a personalized map legend, or even your company logo. A personalized world map with pins to mark travels will keep the travel memories alive also reflecting the personality of its owner.

A personalized world map to mark travels can also be an amazing gift for an adventurous friend or family member. It’s a great choice for many occasions: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, etc. By adding a personal greeting onto the map, you’ll make the gift even more special and meaningful.

personalized deluxe world map with pins

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