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Conversation Cards for Friends – Travel Talks


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  • 70 cards - 140 questions

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Looking for Conversation Games to Play with Friends?

Travel Talks will free you from boring and repetitive questions like “How’s work?” or “What’s new?” These fun and provocative conversation starter cards are designed to spark new topics of discussion. You’re sure to learn something unexpected about people you’ve just met and even your oldest friends. Discover memories, candid reflections, and surprising life choices.

Conversation Cards for Friends

Take Travel Talks with you on trips with friends. Enrich your time around the campfire, on long car rides, during flight delays, on day hikes, and more. With these deep conversation cards, you’ll never run out of things to talk about!

conversation cards for friends

Interesting Topics to Talk About

Unique questions, 4 categories, created in partnership with a psychotherapist.

  • ‘Breaking the Ice’ – Fun and easy questions, perfect for the beginning of the game.
  • ‘Coming to Light’ – Questions to encourage opinion sharing, as well as reveal your character and personality.
  • ‘Diving Deeper’ – Questions about deeper feelings and personal experiences.
  • ‘Beyond the Comfort Zone’ – Questions that address issues that require openness, are sometimes uncomfortable, and rarely come up naturally in conversation.
good conversation games to play with friends

Simple Gameplay: Conversation Questions with Friends

A player draws one card, reads the question aloud, and answers it. Then, either the other players answer the same question or the next player draws a new question card. The aim is not to answer all the questions as quickly as possible, but to share your experiences and thoughts honestly.

The questions become increasingly personal by category, beginning with ‘Breaking the Ice,’ then ‘Coming to Light,’ ‘Diving Deeper,’ and ‘Beyond the Comfort Zone.’ Move through the categories in order or shuffle all the cards and draw them at random.

High Quality Conversation Prompts for Friends

We print on high-quality, reinforced paper with a matte laminate, which extends the life of the cards. Don’t worry about a summer rain, a spilled sugary drink, or playing while eating snacks. Simply wipe with a cloth to clean and enjoy for many years to come.

We believe that creating durable and practical products is part of a sustainable approach that protects the planet and resources used to produce them. When you are finished with Travel Talks, pass it along to someone else.

travel road trip car game for adults conversation starter cards

Give the Gift of New Memories with Old Friends

These conversation starter cards are a unique and meaningful gift for friends, family or colleagues. Try them together right away! You’ll be gifting them the opportunity to get to know their social circle in new and unexpected ways.

Travel Talks makes a fun and versatile gift!

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