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If you make a rushed decision and choose only according to the lowest price, the map might not meet your expectations and even lose its appeal over time. Whereas a carefully picked out, professionally designed and manufactured map will not only serve as a nice interior decoration but also will last a lifetime. The following 7 tips will help you choose a large map of the United States that is right for you, and avoid overpaying.

1. Examine the amount of geographical data on the large detailed USA map

There’s no sole definition of what exactly is a detailed map. Some manufacturers will tell you it’s a detailed map if it has the main cities and states on it. Others will call it detailed if it has a lot of medium-sized cities on it, and also some other objects, like lakes and rivers. Just think about this: is it enough to have only the main cities on your USA map? Or you’d rather see 3000 cities on it? Or even 5000?

The more cities and geographical data you have on your detailed USA map, the more interesting it gets. You can either examine the map just for your own curiosity or pin your future travel routes on it.

large map of the United States pin board on canvas

Push Pin USA Map – Grey

2. If you travel around the USA, check if the national parks are marked

American national parks are truly spectacular. A map of the USA with states and cities will not be of much use if you cannot mark these natural treasures on it. Most US travelers visit the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone national park, the Rocky Mountains, and other breathtaking places, so the national parks on your wall map are a must!

On a large and detailed USA map, you can mark the national parks you have visited, as well as the ones you plan or wish to visit. Such a map is also convenient for checking the nearby cities and picking out the places to go for food or overnight stops.

usa national parks push pin map on canvas with pins

3. Decide which size of the map is best for your home

If you’re looking for a large map of the United States, first of all, determine which size you consider as LARGE.

Before you make any purchases, decide which wall in your home you want to dedicate to hanging your detailed USA map. Measure the wall carefully to understand how much space you have. Certainly, the larger the map, the more impressive the effect that it creates. But this is not the only advantage of a large and detailed map. The larger the format, the larger is the print, the states, and the easier it is to find cities and various geographical objects on it.

More about choosing the right size of your travel map:“How to choose the size of a push pin map”

Large Detailed Map of the USA wall art on canvas

Push Pin USA Map – 4th of July

4. Choose the color palette that best fits your interior

All of us are familiar with the political USA maps that are popular in schools. Vivid and colorful, these maps are great for studying but not as much for decorating our homes. Take your time and choose a map that is not only detailed but also compliments your interior. Look around and notice the walls, furniture and other details you have in your home: which colors are dominating? For instance, for Nordic-style homes, a greyish minimalistic map would be a good option.

A stylish map is not only of practical use but can also become a beautiful piece of interior decor.

Ideas where to hang your push pin travel map: “Push Pin Travel Map – 6 Ideas Where to Hang”

Large Detailed Map of the USA with cities states and national parks

Push Pin USA Map – Colorful

5. Consider the importance of the long-lasting quality

Large detailed maps of the USA are being printed on various surfaces: paper, plastic, glass, canvas, etc. Every surface has its pros and cons, however, the most important criteria should always be the long-lasting quality. What it means, is that a good-quality map will not fade over time, its surface will not change its shape, and it will always be easy-to-clean.

If you’re choosing a USA map on canvas, please check if the surface is covered with a protective layer of varnish. It ensures the map’s resistance to sunlight and fading. You’ve probably noticed how book covers fade away when left in sunlight for a while. The same can happen to any print if it’s not protected or if cheap materials were used to make it.

We definitely recommend to not be cheap on quality. A well-chosen detailed USA map will hang on your wall for decades without losing its appeal, and you won’t need to pay twice and buy a new one.

wall art map of the USA with states and cities

6. Check if the printed text is easy-to-read

This is especially important in cases when a map is printed on any other surface except for paper. You should carefully examine the pictures of the product you intend to purchase and check if the printed text is distinct and legible. Sometimes the poor quality of the printing files or of the surface itself can make the text look a bit faded, not as sharp. The easy-to-read text is one of the main indicators that your wall map is of high-quality.

7. Verify the shapes of the country and the states

Some manufacturers out there are trying to minimize their costs by printing maps that are found on the internet for free. Some of those maps have major flaws, sometimes even wrong shapes of the countries and states. By using critical thinking and your knowledge, try to assess the USA map that you’re about to purchase. Does the shape of the country look right? What about the borders of different states?

large map of the United States with pin to mark states cities visited

If you’ve found a large detailed map of the USA and it fits the quality criteria according to the 7 given tips, congratulations! Such a map will serve as a beautiful decoration, a learning tool, and a conversation starter with your friends and family.

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