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Why is it worth using a push pin map as your road trip planner?

1. It helps visualize your travel goals.

For example, you can create a list of USA national parks you plan to visit and mark them on the map. Seeing your travel goals in front of you will give you extra motivation.

2. It helps create a realistic travel plan.

Sometimes our wishes exceed our possibilities. Creating an actual travel itinerary will help you put your goals into a timeframe and decide if it’s doable.

3. It’s a beautiful keepsake of your travel memories.

On your United States national parks map, you can also pin some pictures of the parks you want to visit or print and add any other relevant information you want. Later, you’ll be able to pin actual souvenirs from the trip, postcards, etc. This way, the map will serve as a visual travel diary!

USA Travel Map to mark National Parks with push pins

Push Pin USA Map – Colorful

Detailed USA national parks map: a great tool to plan road trips

Push pin USA maps from Trip Map are perfect for marking various places you’ve been to around the country as well as creating comprehensive travel routes. Our highly-detailed USA maps have many advantages over the regular travel maps you might find in the market:

1. You can mark specific places you’ve visited.

Highly-detailed USA maps include plenty of geographical points. Therefore, you’ll be able to pin not only the states and their capitals but also USA National and state parks; large and medium-sized cities; oceans, lakes, and rivers; and top peaks of the highest mountains.

USA map pin board with national parks and pins

Detailed push pin USA map to mark visited cities, states and national parks

2. You can plan travel routes.

Highly-detailed USA map lets you plan road trips and travel routes with specific stopping points. You can also examine the map to get new travel ideas and explore various destinations. For example, you can check which United States cities are nearby the national parks you want to visit, plan overnight/food stops, etc.

3. It serves as an educational tool.

Highly-detailed maps also come in handy while learning geography. Together with the whole family, you can find the best national parks in the US, memorize the states and their capitals, pin the highest peaks or largest lakes, etc.

USA wall map art national parks

Push Pin USA Map – Grey

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