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Decide where you’ll hang it

The first step you need to take before choosing the size is to decide which wall you want to hang it on. Knowing this, it will be much easier to decide and get the result you’ll be happy about. You can read up more on all the places you can hang your map, their pros and cons in our text β€œPush Pin Travel Maps: 6 Ideas Where to Hang” (there’re pictures with examples as well).

Available sizes and their differences

Small – 85Γ—60 cm / 33,4Γ—23,6 inches

We recommend small size maps to those who have narrow walls, small space in general, or for some other reason, cannot own a large map. For example, a small map is good for placing it on a chest of drawers or other smaller surfaces. It’s a compact choice for wall niches or for combining it with picture galleries.


Medium – 100Γ—70 cm / 39,3Γ—27,5 inches

This is an optimal size for a medium-size room (especially for the older-construction apartments). A medium format will easily fit in a hall, living room, bedroom or kids’ room. It is also a safe choice for a gift – the receiver will definitely find the right place in their home to place a medium-size map.

push pin world map hanging medium size

Medium size push pin map

Large – 120Γ—80 cm / 47,2Γ—31,5 inches

This is a larger and more noticeable picture. Even small countries on this map will be big enough for pinning – you can pin not only the countries themselves but also the cities in them (especially on the European and World maps). Before choosing the large format, we recommend measuring the wall and making sure the map will fit in. This large map will also be good for those who have vision problems (for example, if you need reading glasses etc.)

push pin world map hanging large size

Large size push pin map

Extra-large – 150Γ—100 cm / 59Γ—39,3 inches

The largest map that we offer will make you go β€œWow!”. It will definitely become the center and main highlight of any room. This majestic format is recommended for offices or larger living rooms (for example, when the living room is adjacent to the kitchen), and spacious halls.

Before purchasing the extra-large map, you definitely need to measure the wall you want to hang it on. Please make sure that this format will fit in.

push pin world map hanging extra large size

Extra large push pin map

How to imagine the final result?

Thoroughly measuring the place for the map will help you choose the best-proportioned picture. You need to make sure that larger maps will fit in and that smaller maps will not disappear on a huge wall.

Sometimes it’s enough to place the meter on the wall to imagine the result (for example, in the case of small or medium-size maps). However, for a clearer vision, we recommend cutting out a rectangle from paper (for example, old newspapers), piecing it together and placing it on the wall. This way, you will see better how much space the map would take, if you need to choose another format, or maybe there will still be space to hang a few pictures.

Another method is not to use paper but rather create the outline of the map by sticking duct tape onto the wall. In this case, you need to make sure that the duct tape won’t damage your wall (especially if you have wallpaper).

how to choose size of push pin map

Medium size


how to choose size of wall art canvas

Large size


how to choose size wall art canvas

Extra large size

What else is important to know?

  • Don’t be afraid to choose a large format. A small map in a large space will disappear and won’t look in balance.
  • The most practical way to hang the map is to make sure that the center of the map meets your eyes. This way, the map will be hung at the right height, and it will also be easier to examine it or place pins onto it.
  • In case you hang the map above a piece of furniture, it will look best if the picture makes up about two-thirds or three-fourths of the width of the piece of furniture. For example, if your sofa is 2 meters long, a 150 centimeters-long map above it would look great.
  • In the best scenario, the map should be hung 15-30 cm above the piece of furniture.
  • The larger the map is, the larger the writings and the country areas on the map.
  • Larger maps have more space on the oceans, and it’s a great place to pin a few travel pictures.
  • The extra-large map (150Γ—100 cm / 59Γ—39,3 inches) can only be transported with longer and wider cars, such as station wagons or SUVs. This format will not fit into a sedan. It’s worth knowing in case you want to pick up the map yourself or transport it to another location (for example, to a wedding, in case you want to gift it to newlyweds).

how to measure a wall for wall art

Push Pin World Map – Yellow

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