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On such a travel map, together you can track your travels and plan new adventures. You can also see the contrast between the places you have visited as a couple and the ones that are still left to explore.

If you wish to get a couples travel map for your home, the following tips will guide you in making the right decision. Do not rush into purchasing the cheapest product as you might not get a satisfying result. A cheap map might fade and lose its appeal over time. Whereas a carefully picked out, high-quality travel map for couples will last a lifetime.

Couples Travel Map world map with pins

1. Think about which travel map would be right for you as a couple. World, Europe, o maybe the USA map?

The easiest way to decide which couples travel map to choose is by asking yourselves, where do you travel the most? Or where do you plan to travel in the future?

A world map is a great choice for couples that travel not only around their own country or region but also to other countries and continents. Europe’s push pin map will suit those who live in Europe and mostly travel to neighboring countries. Finally, the USA map is perfect for couples that wish to track their travels around the US, including numerous cities, towns, and national parks.

Of course, you can always combine several travel maps. For instance, on the couples’ world travel map, you can mark the countries you have visited together as well as the biggest cities. And on the USA map, you can pin your local trips to smaller towns, national parks, and other objects.

large Couples Travel Map personalized with pins

Push Pin USA Map – Colorful

2. Check if there’s an option to customize your map

A personalized couples’ travel map is a very intimate, story-telling piece of interior decor. To make it personal, you should check if there’s an option to print your names on the map, write down a meaningful quote, or customize the map’s legend by color-coding the pins.

Even a small personal touch is very significant as it creates the feeling that the travel map is truly yours and tells the story of you as a couple.

Here are some ideas on how to personalize your travel map: “7 Ideas for Personalized World Traveler Map”

family anniversary push pin world map

3. Decide what kind of map would fit your interior

Travel map for couples is both a fun and unique piece of interior decor that will draw the attention and compliments from your guests. To reach a satisfying result, you should consider the color palette that is dominating your interior. Is your home full of light Nordic-style tones or dark and vivid colors? What will make it easier to decide, is if you dedicate in advance a room to hang your push pin travel map in. According to the dominating colors in that room, you can pick out the right product.

A few ideas where you could hang your couple‘s travel map: “Push Pin Travel Maps: 6 ideas where to hang”.

Tips for choosing the size of your map: “How to choose the size of a push pin map”.

personalized Couples Travel Map on canvas wall art

Push Pin World Map – Mellow Blue

4. Check if high-quality materials were used to make your map

High-quality materials ensure a quality look as well as the longevity of your couple’s travel map. There’s a huge variety of travel maps in the market, but not all of them are of the best quality.

Paper push pin maps usually fade over time, and maps on canvas can be damaged by constant touching unless they are protected with a layer of varnish. Therefore, before you make any purchases, please take into consideration the materials that were used to make the map.

We recommend choosing ONLY the canvas that is covered with a layer of special varnish. It protects the print from fading, which means you’ll be able to hang your map even in a sunlit room. The varnish also protects the map from dirt and makes sure it’s easy-to-clean.

A well-made push pin travel map for couples won’t lose its appeal over time and will keep your travel memories alive for decades.

Couples Travel Map pin board personalized

5. Verify the correctness of the map’s composition

Some manufacturers are trying to minimize their costs by printing maps you can find on the internet for free. Beforehand, have a closer look at the map you’re considering buying. Do the shapes of the countries seem right? Are the islands where they’re supposed to be?

These are some basic things you could easily notice on poorly-composed maps. We recommend choosing a map that was composed by professional cartographers. It’s the only way to ensure that the geographical data on your travel map is correct.

Couples Travel Map to pin places you have visited


Push Pin World Map – Vintage

6. Think about color-coding your pins

Once you decide to get a push pin travel map for couples, you should think about color-coding the pins. You can use different colors of pins for marking the places you’ve been to together versus the ones you’ve visited separately. You can also make the distinction between the places you’ve already visited and the ones you only plan or wish to visit in the future.

Think about what you wish to achieve with pinning your travel map. Hence, it will help you understand how many different colors of pins you need to order.

Couples Travel Map wedding gift personalized

A well-chosen couples travel map is a great way to manifest your relationship and common experiences. It will also inspire you to set off on new adventures!

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