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Adding pictures to your travel map lets you not only imagine the places you have visited or plan to visit, but you can actually see them. A beautiful travel photo gallery at home will also become a conversation-starter when friends or family come for a visit.

We’d like to share with you 5 ideas on how to combine your travel map with a photo gallery. Every idea has its pros and cons – so choose whichever suits you best!

1. Pinning pictures on your travel map

One of the easiest ways to combine your travel map with pictures is to pin them directly onto the map. Just pin a photo with some famous landmark or an interesting travel moment next to a certain place you’ve visited. You can also add a specific date and place of where the photo was taken.


  • Travel pictures will make your map feel more personal and meaningful.
  • Such a picture gallery doesn’t take additional space – all you need is enough space to hang the travel map itself.
  • Pinning pictures on the travel map is super easy – the only thing you need is pins.


  • This idea will work best if you have a large-format map – if your map is small, there simply won’t be enough space to pin a lot of photos.

Travel Photo Gallery At Home with world map

Push Pin World Map – Sky Blue

2. Hanging pictures around the travel map

Another way to create a travel photo gallery at home is by hanging pictures on the wall around the map. If you decide to frame them as well, your gallery will look even more beautiful and professional, always reminding you of your best travel memories.


  • Such a photo gallery can be created using a travel map of any size. Even next to a small map, you can hang lots of pictures of different formats.
  • The pictures don’t have to be specifically connected to the certain places marked on the map — you can hang pictures from different trips in any order you want.
  • A gallery with framed pictures draws attention from your guests and becomes a highlight of your interior.


  • Hanging pictures around the map requires extra space. If you want to hang a lot of pictures, you’ll need a large wall.
  • To hang framed photos on the wall, you’ll need special tools. Drilling or hammering in the nails can also ruin the wall.

ideas Travel Photo Gallery At Home

Push Pin World Map – Modern Black

3. Travel picture gallery with strings

Another interesting and original idea is hanging pictures around the map, then adding strings that connect them with a specific place on the map. This is like a combination of the first two ideas: the pictures are hung outside of the map, but not randomly – they’re all linked to a certain trip or country you have visited. In this case, you can hang both framed and unframed pictures.


  • Such a photo gallery is visually appealing and looks attractive.
  • It can be created using a travel map of any size.
  • One specific place can be connected with several pictures from the same trip – no need to choose just one!


  • You need to have enough extra space around the map to hang the pictures.
  • If you hang too many pictures and add too many strings, the map will look too chaotic and busy, and the strings might cover big parts of the map.

5 Ideas How to Create a Beautiful Travel Photo Gallery At Home

Push Pin World Map – Dark Blue

4. Travel map on a wall covered with photos

If you have a large collection of travel pictures and it’s hard to choose just a few of them, you can create a home gallery wall entirely covered in photos. Simply hang the map in your chosen place, and then stick your travel photos all around on the wall.


  • No need to pick out only a few best travel pictures – you can add a large number of various photos and combine different formats.
  • No need to frame the photos.
  • No need to link the photos with specific places marked on the map.
  • Such a photo gallery can be created using a travel map of any size.


  • You need to have enough extra space around the map to stick your pictures.
  • A wall entirely covered in pictures can look a bit busy, and the travel map won’t be so noticeable (especially if it’s of a smaller size).

how to make Travel Photo Gallery At Home

Push Pin World Map – Colorful

5. Travel map next to a shelf with pictures

A shelf, a chest of drawers, a desk, or another similar surface is a great place to exhibit nicely framed travel pictures and other souvenirs. If you don’t want to hang your photos on a wall or pin them on a map – a simple shelf with pictures might be a good solution. A travel map can be hung above the shelf or right next to it.


  • You don’t need extra space on the wall to hang the pictures.
  • Placing the pictures on the shelf is super simple, and you can also easily move them, switch them with each other, etc.
  • Next to the framed photos, you can also place other travel souvenirs, memorabilia, books, etc
  • A shelf can be hung next to a travel map of any size.


  • A regular shelf is usually not big enough to fit a lot of pictures – you’ll need to choose a few best ones to be exhibited.

Travel Photo Gallery At Home wall art on shelf

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