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By hanging good quality, well-made world map canvas art on your wall, you’ll definitely create a sophisticated, chic atmosphere in your home. And if you want to turn this piece of wall art into your personal travel diary – we recommend adding a few personal details.

deluxe world map wall art black

How to turn your canvas world map into deluxe wall art?

1. Choose a high-quality product

If you want your canvas map to look like a real piece of wall art, its quality is crucial. In Trip Map, all world maps are printed on premium quality canvas, using only original Canon inks. They are also covered with a layer of special varnish, protecting the maps from the impact of sunlight and fading. You can rest assured that a world map purchased from Trip Map will look like museum-quality canvas art.

2. Pick the appropriate size

Large world map wall art hung in a spacious room will look extremely impressive and luxurious. If you don’t have much space, choosing a medium-size canvas map might be the better option. You can find more tips on choosing the right wall art size here: How to Choose the Size of a Push Pin Map

Deluxe World Map Canvas Wall Art_ Bringing Some Luxury into Your Interior


Push Pin World Map – Desert Sand

3. Choose matching pins

If you want to turn your canvas world map into a truly elegant, deluxe wall art, choosing the right pins is really important. The color of the pins should match the color of the map and the style of your interior. For example, dark gold or rose gold pins will look very luxurious on a black world map. Other good combinations could be white and yellow pins on a burgundy world map or light blue, purple, and silver pins on a vintage world map wall art.

world map canvas wall art with gold pins

Push Pin World Map – Ocean Blue

4. Personalize your world map

Canvas wall art with a personal touch will not only look great β€” it will also become a truly special piece of home decor telling your own travel story. Every map purchased from Trip Map can be customized: you can add an inspiring quote, travelers’ names, a meaningful date, or a personalized legend onto the map.

For more world map canvas art personalization options and ideas, check out: About personalization

world map canvas wall art black color

personalized deluxe world map with pins

Push Pin World Map – Midnight Black

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