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Choose a travel map from Trip Map, and you’ll be able to pin where you’ve been (or where you want to be), track your adventures, and show off your travel experiences.


Push Pin Map: A Meaningful Tool to Track Your Travels

There are many ways to document your travel adventures. For example, you might create a photo album, an exhibition of your travel souvenirs, or write a travel journal.

“So why do I need a travel map to mark the places I’ve been?”,- you might ask.

Well, a push pin map is not only a meaningful tool to track your travels, but it is also a very stylish piece of interior décor. By hanging it in a well-visible place at your home, you’ll have a constant reminder of your past adventures and an inspiration to travel more.

countries i have visited world map pin board

On such a map, you can easily pin where you’ve been around the world: the countries and cities you have visited, holiday destinations you have traveled to, or road trips you have taken together with your family.

To make the map exceptional, you can also pin your travel photos, various souvenirs, and memorabilia on it. This way, your precious travel memories will be beautifully displayed next to the places you’ve been.

places you have visited push pin travel map

Push Pin World Map – Colorful

Personalized Map: A Great Gift for Yourself and Others

Every map purchased from Trip Map can be personalized according to one’s needs and wishes. You can add a chosen text onto the map, a customized map legend, or even your company’s logo.

A map with the travelers’ names is one of the best personalization options and can be a great gift for yourself or others. What can be more fun than marking the countries you have visited on a map that was made specifically for you and has your name on it?

places you have visited world map personalized

personalized places visited world map canvas

Colorful World Map to Mark the Places You’ve Been

With over 30 unique world map designs to choose from, in the Trip Map e-shop, everyone can find something according to their taste. However, one design stands out as the most popular among our clients, and it’s the Colorful Push Pin World Map.


There are a few reasons why this map has become such a bestseller:

  • Its unique design. This world map is colorful but not too bright. It has that gorgeous cheerful look that will brighten up any room in your house without standing out too much. You can also easily match the Colorful World Map with any color of pins.
  • Easy-to-spot countries. The highly detailed Colorful World Map includes plenty of relevant geographical data, with every country represented in a different color. This makes it super easy to spot the countries you’ve visited and mark any other places you’ve been.
  • Easy-to-match with other maps. The Colorful World Map can be matched with other maps of the same design: Colorful Europe Map, Colorful USA Map, or Colorful UK & Ireland Map. This way, you’ll find it easier to pin not only the countries you have visited around the world, but also more specific places you’ve been to in Europe, the USA, or the UK & Ireland.

detailed countries and states i have been world map

places i have been world travel map with pins

Other colorful push pin maps

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