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Push pin Germany map on canvas is not only practical – it can also be a very stylish addition to your home interior and a meaningful keepsake of your travel memories.

By ordering from the Trip Map e-shop, you can rest assured knowing that a high-quality Germany map will be safely delivered right to your doorstep, to any part of the world.

germany map wall art with pins


Exclusively detailed push pin Germany map

Compiled by professional cartographers, Germany travel maps from Trip Map are exclusively detailed. It means that they contain up-to-date geographical data, with many different locations marked and labeled. On the push pin Germany map, you’ll find:

  • 17 000 cities and towns in Germany as well as in the neighboring countries (parts of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, and Denmark);
  • All of the German states (lands);
  • Many water bodies: seas, lakes, and rivers;
  • Nature parks.

detailed push pin germany map to mark travels

Push Pin Germany Map – Safari

Ways to use your Germany travel map

There are many ways to have fun with your push-pin Germany map. By assigning different meanings to different pin colors, you can create a particular pinning logic and make the best use out of the map. Here are some ideas:

  • Pin the places you have visited. From Berlin to Dusseldorf, from Hamburg to Munich, on your push pin map, you can mark all of the places you have visited across Germany.You can assign different pin colors to specific family members and compare your travel experiences.
  • Plan future trips and routes. Germany travel map is also great for exploring new destinations and planning your next vacation. You can mark the whole trip route by adding pins at various stopping points. Use different pin colors to distinguish different trips or routes.
  • Mark your business locations or clients. Push pin Germany map could also be a great addition to your office. You can pin all of your business locations on the map and display them for your clients to see. Similarly, you can mark the places where your most important clients are located.
  • Learn geography. Push pin Germany map is also a very practical educational tool. You can use it to learn the German states and their capitals, major cities, water bodies, or even find where different historical events took place.

germany travel map with pins

Push Pin Germany Map – Midnight Black

Many design and size options

A push-pin travel map is not only useful – but it is also a gorgeous piece of interior dΓ©cor. That is why it is important to pick a map that would fit your style, personality, and your home. A well-chosen map can add some flair to your living space and become a conversation starter when guests come over.

In the Trip Map e-shop, you can find several unique push pin Germany map designs. They are all created by our talented designers and used only for our products. There are also different size options: you can choose among medium (100Γ—70 cm / 39,3Γ—27,5 in), large (120Γ—80 cm / 47,2Γ—31,5 in), or extra-large (150Γ—100 cm / 59Γ—39,3 in) Germany map.

All travel maps from Trip Map are particularly well-made. We use only the best-quality certified materials: premium quality canvas, original Canon inks, pinewood underframes, and special varnish for print.political germany map wall art canvas

Personalize your Germany map to make it more special

Push pin Germany map makes an excellent gift for any traveler – be it for yourself, your partner, friends, colleagues, or family members. All of the maps from the Trip Map e-shop can be personalized – with some creativity, you can make your travel map even more special and meaningful!

personalized germany map with pins

There are many available personalization options, for example:

  • Travelers’ names. This is a simple yet excellent choice! You can add one or two names onto the map: it can be a name of a solo traveler, a couple, or a family. This option is also useful when making a gift to someone.
  • An inspiring quote. You can add any customized text onto the map. However, an inspiring quote is a great choice since it can motivate or cheer you up every day. If you need some ideas, here are 40 Inspiring Quotes to Personalize Your Push Pin Travel Map.
  • A personalized map’s legend. Every push-pin Germany map can also have a personalized legend with bullet points on it. They can represent the travels of different family members, past and future trips, or other things you think of.
  • A company logo. If you’re planning to use your push pin Germany map in your business, adding a company logo is simply a must! A high-quality map with your logo can be a great representational tool.

family germany map to mark cities


Push Pin Germany Map – Colorful

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