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In the Trip Map e-shop, you can choose from four beautiful small push pin travel map designs: White World Map, Black World Map, Dusty Pink World Map, and Mellow Blue World Map. Even in the smallest format, these maps stand out with their impeccable look and durability, which is ensured by using only original, high-quality materials.

small political world map wall art to mark places visited

Small Push Pin World Map – Mellow Blue

Main Reasons to Choose a Small Push Pin Travel Map

If you’re looking for a minimalistic yet impressive piece of home décor that draws attention and gives a touch of style to a compact room, a small push pin travel map is definitely a good pick. Without taking too much space, this map will still serve its main function and help you keep track of the countries you have visited during your travels.

Not too busy with detail, a small push-pin world map has a “clean” look and includes:

  • all world countries and their capitals,
  • the states of the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil,
  • and the main archipelagos for those who love to explore more exotic destinations.

60×40 cm sized push pin map could also be a great choice for a gift, especially for a young couple or a student that still lives in a rented apartment and doesn’t have too much space. This map can even fit into hand luggage and be brought as a nice souvenir to your loved ones living abroad!

small canvas world map with pins to track countries visited

Small Push Pin World Map – Dusty Pink

Where Should I Place This Small Map?

Given its compact size, a small push pin world map can comfortably fit into any space. Hence, you can easily place it on a small shelf, a chest of drawers, or your work desk, and just as easily hang it on a wall of any size. Surprisingly, it can even fit into your travel van or another unusual place where you wish to keep your travel memories.

There are many places at home to hang or place your small push pin travel map. It can be an attractive addition to your workspace, a studio, a small bedroom, or a hallway. Placed in the kids’ room, a small world map could stimulate the little one’s interest in the world. Furthermore, it can help them learn some geography, especially the countries of the world and their capitals.

small push pin map cork board map

Small Push Pin World Map – Black

More ideas on where to hang your travel map can be found here: Push Pin Travel Maps: 6 Ideas Where to Hang.

The good idea is to combine a small push pin travel map with a picture gallery: hang your best travel photos around the map, maybe pin a few of them onto the map, and place some nice travel souvenirs next to it. More ideas on how to create a picture gallery, including a travel map, can be found here: 5 Ideas How to Create a Beautiful Travel Photo Gallery at Home.

small tiny world map with pins to track travels

Small Push Pin World Map – White


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