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Family travel maps with pins can come in various types, sizes, colors, and designs. Depending on your family travel preferences, in the Trip Map e-shop, you can choose a map of four different types: World Map, Europe Map, USA Map, or UK & Ireland Map.

Moreover, there’s an option to customize your family travel map and turn it into a very personal, meaningful, and special piece of interior décor that will give joy to all of the family members and gather everyone for common fun activities.

Need more convincing? Here are the main reasons why getting a family travel map with pins for your home is a good idea.

large family travel map pin board

Push Pin World Map – Ocean Blue

The Center of Attraction at Your Home

A family travel map is not only a useful tool for keeping track of various visited places – but it is also a unique piece of interior décor that can become the center of attraction at your home. That is why it is important to involve all of the family members in the whole map-selection process: picking out the map, hanging, and decorating it can be a fun activity in itself!

To make the most use of the map, you need to find the right place to hang it. Kids’ room is one of the obvious choices, especially if you want to stimulate your children’s interest in geography and make them learn more about the world. By having the map in their room, kids will always be able to see it, examine it, and pin it.

Living room, dining room, or spacious hallway are also good options for hanging your family travel map with pins. These places are easily accessible, and the map will be visible to all of the family members or your home guests. More suggestions on where to hang your travel map, with pros and cons, can be found here: “Push Pin Travel Maps: 6 Ideas Where to Hang”.

Once you decide where the map will be hanging, it will be easier to choose the right size. In Trip Map, push pin travel maps can come in four different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. Some useful tips about picking out the right size can be found here: “How to Choose the Size of a Push Pin Map”.

family travel map on canvas with pins

Push Pin World Map – Colorful

A Meaningful Way to Track Family Travels

A family travel map with pins will help you remember and cherish the warmest moments of your family trips and yearly vacations. Invite your family members to go down memory lane by marking all of the places you have visited together as a family.

To make the map even more meaningful, you can pin various travel memorabilia on it (postcards, tickets, brochures, or some small souvenirs), or combine the map with a picture gallery. It can even turn into a small family art project – just be creative and have the most fun with it! Here are some ideas that will help you: “5 Ideas How to Create a Beautiful Travel Photo Galley At Home”.

Every family travel map with pins can be personalized according to your family’s needs and wishes. One of the best options is to add a personalized legend onto the map, with all of the family members’ names written down. This way, every traveler can be assigned a different color of pins that they use to mark their own travels. By using a personalized map’s legend, you can also distinguish between the trips that the parents took by themselves, and the ones taken together with children.

family anniversary push pin world map

Other personalization options include adding the family name, important dates, or meaningful quotes onto the map. You can read more about various personalization options here: “7 Ideas For Personalized World Traveler Map”.

Your Family Travel Vision Board

A family travel map with pins is also a great tool to keep you motivated and inspired, especially in times when you cannot travel. Together with your kids, you can create a beautiful family travel vision board, and pin all of the places you dream to visit in the future. By using different colors of pins, every family member can also pin their own bucket-list destinations and then present them to the rest of the family.

To get even more motivated, add pictures of your dream destinations onto the map (for example, it can be postcards or cut-outs from magazines), or even short descriptions of those places you wish to visit. Such an inspiring visualization of your travel goals will definitely help them get achieved!

In case you already have some specific travel plans in mind, you can use your family travel map to pin a detailed route of your next trip, with all the stopping points marked and labeled. It’s always useful to have your travel plans visualized: you can discuss with your kids where you’ll be going, what you’re planning to do and see, and you can always add more stopping points if necessary.

family anniversary push pin travel map canvas

Push Pin Europe Map – Colorful

A Great Educational Tool

A family travel map with pins can also be used for plenty of fun educational activities. For example, you can print out small cards with pictures of various famous places of the world, and pin them onto the map where they are located. You can similarly pin the flags of different countries, learn and pin the capitals of Europe, Asia, Africa, or South America, find the highest peaks of the world, etc.

When examining the map, always take some time to discuss with your kids which of the pinned places you’ve already visited yourselves, or which you’re planning or wish to visit shortly. You can also make a small competition with other family members, and see who can find various places on the map (countries, cities, seas, etc.) fastest.

A family travel map with pins is a useful tool that keeps the whole family interested in the world and all of its magical places. It is also a very special piece of home décor that will help you and your kids cherish your travel moments and dream about exciting future adventures!

detailed personalized family travel map with pins canvas

Push Pin World Map – Vintage


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