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Pinning your cork board world map can be a fun activity to do with your family members or travel buddies, alone or with your partner. Apart from the countries and cities you’ve been to, you can also pin travel photos, postcards, or small souvenirs on your cork board map.

If you’re still in doubt, here are 5 tips to help you choose your travel cork board that’s perfect for pinning.


1. Make sure that your cork board map is highly detailed

If you want to have a map that’s not only an interior decoration but is actually useful, details are everything. A highly-detailed cork board travel map will let you find and pin many different locations around the world, from countries to cities and smaller towns, water bodies, bays, and other natural attractions. This will also let you comprehensively plan travel routes and road trips, as well as use the map as an educational tool.

5 Tips That Will Help You Choose a Cork Board World Map

Find and pin many different locations around the world

Push Pin World Map – Modern Black

2. Choose the appropriate size

Your travel cork board should be big enough, so you could easily find all of the places you want to pin. The more space there is, the more travel photos and souvenirs you’ll be able to add to your map. A larger cork board map will also look more impressive in your interior and grab everyone’s attention.

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world map pin board cork board detailed

Push Pin World Map – Forest Green

3. Pay attention to the color palette

A cork board world map is not only a useful tool to track your travels, but it can also be a beautiful piece of interior decor. That is why the color and design of your cork board map must match the style and color palette of your home.

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accurate world map corkboard with pins

Push Pin World Map – Colorful

4. Think about the quality

If you wish to use your travel cork board for as long as possible, we recommend choosing a high-quality product. A low-quality map might lose its appeal over time, the colors might fade out, and the surface might become wrinkly. Make sure that your cork world map is covered with a layer of special varnish: it will protect the map from the impact of sunlight, fading, and make it easier to clean.

world map canvas cork board to track places i have been

Push Pin World Map – Dark Blue

5. Make sure the cork board map is of high resolution

If you don’t want to struggle to find all of the places you’ve visited, the text on the map has to be of appropriate size, bright, and easily visible. A high-resolution cork map will be easy to read and pin and will keep your travel memories alive for many years to come.

corkboard canvas world map for marking travels

Push Pin World Map – Grapes

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